Mama's Classics 26.-27.5.2018



Mama's Classics is a 2-day event full of fun and classic cars.

Both days include a mix of photo tasks and precision driving tasks. Photorallye tasks consist of photos which the team must find along the route. Each photo includes a question and the answer can be determined from the location of the foto but not from the foto itself. Photorallye is a fun form of competition where all the people in the car can participate!

Precision driving tasks measure the joint operation of the driver and co-driver and usually includes accurate timing. The idea, on the tasks which consists timing, is to drive the given route in given time.

Passing and exceeding the given time even for 1/100 -second causes the team to gain penalty points. The timing tasks are short and are designed so that they can be easily completed with any kind of car, regardless of type, age or engine size. For these tasks you will need a stopwatch in your car to monitor your performance.

Official task timing is done by Mama's Classics staff with precision timing equipment.

The driving route flows through the pretty landscapes of south-central Finlands bendy tarmac roads, stopping in small villages as well in the regions capitol city, Tampere.

The best performers on saturday and sunday are awarded with an individual trophy. Mama's Classics main trophy is awarded by the combined points of saturday and sunday.

Also the Most Beautiful Car and the Best Car&Outfit Combination is awarded with a special prize. Mama's Classics is a classic and sportscar event for the whole family!

Event is mainly focused for older classic cars but also for more modern cars which might be true rarities regardless what the brand and model might be. Come and join Mama's Classics for the unforgettable experience with family and friends!

Mama's Classics Crew